Web Design

A website visitor measures a company's professionalism in the first 15 seconds. We will provide an engaging design while respecting the limitations of the computer screen resolution and slower connection speeds of some users. Big fancy graphics are pretty, but can be slow. We will give you glitz and glamour if that is what suits your needs best. A professional balance between text and graphics is imperative.

Making a website easy to navigate is the core of the website design. We will create a design that guides the viewer along the desired path in the quickest route. We will help you entice your customers with an attractive, informative website that gets them the information they need without getting lost along the way. With proper focus on site design and navigation, online marketing efforts will create a very positive impression.

When we complete the initial design, you can rest assured that each page has already been checked for accuracy and presentation. We will then upload the site to a special place on our server for you to review at your leisure. Once you're happy with the final presentation, your website will be uploaded to the net for the rest of the world to enjoy.


Website Maintenance - An Evolving Process

Unlike a printed brochure or newspaper advertisement, a website is an evolving communication. We will work with you to put a plan in place for updating and enhancing the content of your website on a regular basis.

Some websites are best updated on a quarterly basis, some monthly, some weekly. We will help you ensure the content remains up-to-date and of interest to your customers. A website becomes more complex as it evolves, consequently more elaborate graphics and techniques may highlight the appearance of your website and the navigation through it. If you see something you like, let us know. We will help you in evaluating potential improvements in the website presentation.

If your business or organization is not committed to keeping the website current and up-to-date, you should probably think long and hard to determine if you really need a website at all.


Domain Registration and Hosting

A domain name is an essential component in email and website addressing. Domain name registration is included in all our website packages. Our competitvely priced hosting packages are individually tailored to your website requirements.