Do you need a Network?


If you are a Business and use more than one computer, you can take advantage of a network by connecting all computers together. Having a Network can increase office productivity and reduce cost.

Computers that are connected to a network can send email and share printers, internet connection and other resources. Persons working on the same project can share files. Updates to a project are readily accessible to everyone who needs them.

Information of virtually any kind can be stored on a computer network, including letters, contracts, voice messages, facsimiles, photographs and even videos. Years of old records can be scanned into computer files, organized, and stored. Archived files that are needed for future reference can be retrieved and printed by Network users.

Telecommuters can access the corporate Network with the use of a phone line and a PC that is equipped with a modem. Remote offices can be linked together to form one "virtual" Network.

Security is another benefit of having a Network. Login IDs can be required before access to Network resources is permitted. Password restrictions, such as length, age and uniqueness, can also be imposed. Time restrictions can be implemented to prevent users from accessing the network at specific time. Further, access to data can be restricted to those who the network administrator has given access rights to.

Data integrity is an important part of any network. An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a battery that provides power to a file server in the event of electrical brownouts or blackouts. Without a UPS, power failures can cause irreparable damage to server components and data.

Tape Backup systems are used to make copies of data residing on a file server. These copies are stored on tapes, and can be used to retrieve data that has either been deleted accidentally, or lost due to a system failure.

Do you already have a Network?

If you already have a network, we can help you to make it better. We have the expertise in planning, designing, installing, managing, and maintaining mission-critical networks.

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